This is safe money.
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Provides professional loans without a mortgage.
Ready-to-use loans for India citizens aged 22 years and over.
There are 4 steps
  • Register to choose the loan amount and repayment time and fill in the name and number of the receiving bank
  • Verify the identity of the user receiving the data from the correct entity and ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Fast approval solves the urgent need for small amounts of capital.
  • A higher amount can be received after repaying on time.
Loan products
  • Loan amount:
    The minimum loan amount is 19000 and the maximum loan amount is 200000.
  • Loan period:
    The minimum loan period is 3 months and the maximum loan period is 12 months.
  • Interest rate:
    The minimum annual interest rate is 3% and the maximum annual interest rate is 9%
Security policy
We will protect all customer information. Your information is safe with us. We will not share information with anyone without your and your lender's consent.